Welcome to the North Carolina Farm Bureau Healthy Living for a Lifetime Web site.

As you may know, Rural America comprises approximately 25 percent of the nation’s population yet experiences higher poverty rates, fewer doctors and poorer health. Access to quality health care is often a major issue facing rural communities, and a lack of funding and other economic challenges means too many North Carolinians go without any contact with medical professionals and our health care delivery system.

Healthy Living for a Lifetime features a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly 50-foot mobile health-screening unit. The self-contained screening facility brings a variety of health screenings, including blood pressure, total cholesterol, glucose, and body mass index, to rural North Carolinians at no cost.

The North Carolina Farm Bureau has a long history of reaching out to rural communities to help improve their quality of life and to keep families strong and healthy. We are committed to this initiative just as we are committed to the great people of North Carolina.

Healthy Living for a Lifetime has provided 10,477 free health screenings to rural North Carolinians.

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