About HLFL

Healthy Living for a Lifetime is an innovative approach to addressing immediate health care needs of rural North Carolinians while fostering awareness of healthy lifestyle choices that will result in long-term health improvements among vulnerable populations. The initiative will provide rural North Carolinians with free health screenings, educational materials and a path towards a healthier lifestyle.

Using a 50-foot handicap accessible mobile health-screening unit, the initiative will travel throughout the state offering free professional medical screenings from physicians and nurses. The screenings include blood pressure, body mass index, bone density measurements, cholesterol, glucose and a specialty screening room.

Each event will hire medical professionals to administer testing and provide counsel as well as staff for setup and registration.

This initiative will succeed through close collaboration with local rural health care providers, including hospitals and clinics, in a manner that will strengthen their capacity to serve their communities.

Healthy Living for a Lifetime will help improve health care access while educating rural North Carolinians on healthy lifestyles.

Together we can make a difference!

The Mission

To provide Rural North Carolinians with the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle by providing free professional health screenings, educational materials and resources designed to encourage a commitment to healthy living.